Social Media Setup & Management Services

Social Media Service

We provide a professional social media setup service as well as the ongoing management of social media accounts.

Why this product is important for your business:

  • Build your brand
  • Connect with customers
  • Reach out to new prospects
  • Provide support
  • Share news and updates
  • Additional advertising channel
  • Get frequent backups of your website data


Social media platforms we can set up your profiles on include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin

Social Media Setup

We can set up whichever social media platforms you require. Prices are charged per platform set up and discounts apply for multiple platform setups purchased.

What this includes:


  • Design and upload your custom banner
  • Upload your logo or other Image
  • Upload page info (website, address, contact info, business hours)
  • Setup of admin/managers
  • Claiming your pages (if needed)
  • Add Call to Action buttons (if desired): Connect email and phone support, connect messenger
  • Install Signup Form (if required)
  • Upload your photos (if needed)
  • Upload 1 Video (if provided by client)
  • Add 3 starter posts


  • Design and upload your Custom Twitter Header
  • Setup of admin/managers
  • Upload Info: name, @username, website, email, phone, location, bio
  • Upload Logo or other Image
  • Edit theme color
  • Identify and Follow 75-100 industry relevant twitter accounts
  • Add 3 starter posts


  • Profile and business page setup
  • Upload profile image
  • Claim your website and other social accounts


  • Design banner image
  • Create company page
  • Upload standard logo and small logo
  • Add company Info provided by
    client (address, website,


  • Design banner image
  • Create company page
  • Upload standard logo and small logo
  • Add company info
  • Add clickable URL in bio

*NOTE:  Social media icons and feeds on client website are not included, but can be added as an extra service


Social Media Management

Who needs this product:

Any business that:

  • wants to have a more active presence on their social media accounts but doesn’t have the time or know-how to do so.
  • wants to delegate the creation, posting and scheduling of general content to their social media accounts.
  • is looking to add different styles of posts to their social profiles, like graphic and video content.

Why this product is important for your business:

  • Build a positive image for your brand
  • Connect with customers
  • Attract new prospects
  • Get more traffic to your business
  • Increase marketplace awareness
  • Maintain an active presence in the community

What this includes:

  • 1 Blog post per month of up to 500 words.
  • 15 Social media posts per month, including 11 text posts, 2 unique graphics posts, and 2 unique video posts.
  • Identify your industry hashtags (will be used on all posts)
  • Scheduling and posting done for you.
  • All unique content.
  • Royalty free images.
  • Monthly reporting
* posts are across up to 2 platforms (eg Facebook and Twitter, or Facebook and Linkedin)
• Currently, we work on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
• Service intended for background content and engagement.
• Social media posts will be derived from content from the blog article
• Service will not include daily business updates, sales promotions or any other content not related to the sourced blog article.